Arrowhead Protech Voice Monitor

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Arrowhead Protech Voice Monitor

The Protech Voice Monitor features a recordable voice option, in addition to the Alarm Mode, which provides a gentle reminder for the patient to remain in place and ask for assistance from caregivers.

Voice Mode–Caregivers or family members can record a personalized message to remind the patient to remain in their bed or chair and utilize the call for assistance button on their side rail or pillow speaker.  The Voice Mode is very helpful in reminding patients to wait for assistance.

Alarm Mode–Our monitor comes from the factory set to NORMAL.   In the Normal Mode, the RESET switch is used to reset the alarm after the alarm is in the process of sounding.  If you switch our monitor to the Timed Mode, it allows caregivers to press the RESET switch before assisting a patient off the sensor pad.  When the RESET switch is pressed, the caregiver has 30 seconds to adjust/remove the patient from the sensor pad without triggering the alarm or the nurse call system.  The monitor is then in Standby Mode until the patient is placed back on the sensor pad.


Nurse call compatible (also includes remote alarm option)
Auto-Reset Functionality, monitor automatically resets when pressure is applied to the BED or CHAIR sensor pad.
The monitor is always on, making it impossible for staff to forget to turn it on.
Alarm indicator light, on the front of the monitor, flashes when in Alarm mode.
Optional Timed/Standby Mode allows caregiver to adjust/remove the patient from the sensor pad without triggering the alarm or nurse call system
Our strain relief tab helps protect the sensor pad cable and connector.
All monitor settings are located in the battery compartment:
   •  Hi volume or Remote
   •  Floor mat or sensor pad switch
   •  0-2 second delay
Normal/Timed or Standby reset option
Voice recording button
The battery compartment features a hinged design and a dual function closure, including a snap-to-close design as well as a screw for increased tamper resistance.
“Low Battery” indicator on the front of the monitor will flash or light up when battery is low and needs to be replaced.
Monitor comes with an unbreakable stainless steel mounting clip for mounting to wheelchair backs or storage pockets.
Monitor also comes with our Protech  Boot, which protects the monitor from damage due to accidental drops.
Requires a single 9V alkaline battery (not included)

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