AliCork and AliCork Lite Othoses by Alimed

by Alimed
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  • AliCork is a moldable material that makes a superior shell for a foot orthosis. Holds its shape and does not bottom out, yet absorbs shocks and impact. Plus, it cushions.Use for complex and lasting corrections. AliCork is a dispersion of natural cork particles in a unique plastic matrix. AliCork may be compressed to relieve point pressure by applying local heat with a heat gun. Depress and hold the heated spot until cooled. Heat-form in a 300º,F oven. Manually mold it to a plastic positive. (Do not mold directly to any body part.) Vacuum-form for shell of fine detail. Grinds crisply and easily.Two types: Standard AliCork and AliCork Lite. The lightweight material is considerably lower in density. Use it where the weight of orthosis is of prime concern. AliCork Lite is not as sturdy as regular AliCork. Since AliCork is so resistant to compression, it is particularly adaptable to women's orthosis where space is a critical consideration and a thick orthosis is often unacceptable.Use thinner AliCork orthoses for lasting functional management.

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